Sunday, January 8, 2012

Learn how you can homeschool / unschool even if you have to work

Everything Else Other Files  The Working Home Educator s Guide to SuccessMany parents are becoming frustrated with an educational system with an agenda that does not put the well-being of children first. These parents realize that for many children, school is not the best option when it comes to raising a healthy, happy, child who loves learning. At the same time, more and more parents are sharing their positive experiences with home education through blogs, social media such as Facebook and Yahoo groups, podcasts, and more. While many parents are convinced that learning this way is the best for children, working parents often have a hard time imagining how they could do this. The reality though is that they can! For parents who work and want to un/homeschool their children, there is  “The Working Home Educator’s Guide to Success,” created for any parent who is considering home educating their chid(ren) but isn’t sure how this can be managed while also holding a job.  The guide opens by making the case for home education with an introduction from author, parenting coach, child trauma specialist, mental health counselor and working single mom Laurie A. Couture. She explains why the decision to home educate is an important one and provide guidelines to keep in mind as you get started. The heart of the guide is the words of wisdom from actual home educating moms and dads who share their stories and advice. The guide concludes with ideas to get parents started on their journey to homeschooling success.  
If you or someone you know is considering home education, this is a guide you’ll want to read. 

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