Thursday, December 15, 2011

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Know someone who is questioning if Twitter is worth their time? Show them this video which highlights why Twitter is a powerful tool that should be given consideration. It also addresses the importance of regulating your social media diet. The video features powerful conversations that happen on Twitter like those in #edchat. It also questions learner's use of Twitter and if students are tweeting about subjects. (by the way, they are tweeting about AP courses)  It shares some good ideas about using Twitter with students (Find additional ways to do that here).   

The video goes on to suggest a top five list for educators regarding "Who to follow" on Twitter and holy schmoly! I'm one of them (@innovativeedu). It is suggested Tweeps (Twitter using peeps) follow me because I'm not afraid to rattle cages with strong statements and out of the box thinking and says that I also engage other twitter users in relevant conversations. I'm in great company along with my awesome colleague @TomWhitby who has his own blog and has collaborated with me here, one of my idols @SirKenRobinson, a learning resource I grew up with as a teacher @edutopia, and the video creator himself @malalande.  

So, if you've been questioning, if Twitter is right for you, I present you with...

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