Monday, November 7, 2011

Pronunciator lets you learn a foreign language without costly programs or software

pronunciator-header-shadow.jpgPronunciator ( is a free and comprehensive self-paced language-learning program  offering 3 million self-guided lessons across 60 languages. Each lesson is accompanied by a native speaker, a culture-neutral pictogram, and a translation in your selected language.

pronunciator-screenshot.jpgYou can score your pronunciation in real time, jump into virtual conversations with native speakers, and play back your recordings. With Pronunciator you can assign lessons to students and have them save and share the results of quizzes that test pronunciation, vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling. The program can also be a boon for self-motivated students to learn languages not regularly taught in schools like Greek, Swahili, Polish, and Vietnamese.

Pronunciator works in any browser that has Flash installed, and requires no download. Registration is optional (and also free). Registering allows you to save your score results and better organize your progress through each language.

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