Thursday, October 27, 2011

5 Questions Every Parent and Teacher Must Be Able to Answer

While test-prep mania, quality reviews, and data driven assessments rule the roost in schools today,  what's most important is often overlooked.  If you're not able to answer these five questions for every child in your care at school or at home, than you need to re-focus on what is most important. 
  1. What are your child's passions, talents, and interests? 
  2. Is your child's talent/passion portfolio documented and used to drive learning?
  3. Does your child have a personal success plan aligned to those passions with measurable goals?
  4. How are you supporting your child in displaying evidence of learning in meaningful ways that will lead to academic, career and life success?
  5. Is your child provided with opportunities to learn with those who share his passions and interests rather than just grouped with others by date of manufacture?
So, how many of these were you able to answer?  If it's not all five, what is your plan to refocus and place your child(ren) in the center of their learning?

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