Saturday, July 30, 2011

Turn Your iPad or iTouch into a Document Camera

I just LOVE saving people and schools money and here's another way to do it.  If you have an access to an iPad or iTouch you also have a document camera you can use in your classroom.  Simply connect the device to the projector and balance it on something in camera mode, then wah-la! A document camera.  You don't need any fancy or extra equipment.  So simple and so cool.

We used it in a workshop where people had iTouches and iPads and we were trying to figure out a very easy way for everyone to share their work without having to upload, email, etc.  All we needed to do is turn one iTouch or iPad into a document camera then everyone just took their device.  Placed it under the document camera -designated device and we were able to share!  It also worked well when we were trying to share how we did something on a particular device.

This video made by Chris Bell features Lainie Rowell showing us how at Alan November's Building Learning Communities conference.

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