Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do Teachers Really Suck?

Guest post by Laurette Lynn | UnpluggedMom.com | Unplugged Mom PodCast
Challenging the Current

Editor's note:  Laurette Lynn is a home education leader who joins a growing number of parents who believe that the best way to raise successful adults is by keeping them out of school.   

We know that School Sucks.  But do teachers suck too?  They want the kids to learn don't they?
They become teachers for the sake of the children right?  It's the system; it's not them!
Then what are they still doing there?  What is a disenchanted teacher to do?

In this podcast, Laurette Lynn, the Unplugged Mom discusses the teacher's roles in perpetuating the problematic public school system.  She suggests that reform is irrelevant and puts an official call out to teachers to put their talents and passions to better use by supporting the rise of an independent learning culture.  

Listen to the podcast here.
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