Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grad School May Be A Waste of Time

I’ve written articles on why high school may be a waste (see this one and this one) and why college may be a waste (see this).  Now it’s time to take on grad school and to do that is my great friend and provocative inspiration Penelope Trunk who has been writing about how graduate school may be a waste of time and money (yes, business school and law school too).  When radio and TV producers need someone to bitch about graduate school, they call Penelope.  

I just loved her interview on NPR last week. It’s a great interview in part because of how quick she is at supporting facts and backing them up with research, but also because she completely lost patience for people still defending grad school. She explains in her wildly popular career advice blog that even to defenders of grad school it is clearly a bad financial decision. The guy she is bantering with int the interview actually resorted to saying that you need to go to grad school to be a good person. That’s where Penelope went nuts on him.

Penelope recognizes that not only is grad school a rip off but college is a rip off (here's a great discussion in New York magazine with James Altucher, a venture capitalist in NYC) And she goes on to share that folks like me are saying that High School isn’t even necessary.  She concludes that the future belongs to home educators because they are self-learners.

Her advice for those desperately seeking direction through grad school is this:

So all there is for adult life is you, following your nose, trying to figure out what brings you joy. Each time I see someone who has done that, in some little way, I feel relief and hope for myself.

The comments below are quite insightful as are the comments on Facebook which you can read here.

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