Sunday, May 29, 2011

11 Great Reasons to Skip College

If personalization and differentiation of learning are valued in educational systems, why is it that many are being pushed to believe that college readiness is the goal for every student? Stories are popping out everywhere exposing the “College Myth,” pointing to the “Academic Bubble” and exposing “Academic Inflation.”  In his article 11 Great Reasons to Skip College (and Build Your Own Alternative), Blake Boles explains that College today sells itself on a large number of myths and assumptions. He suggests we  hold these to the light of reality and see how many evaporate faster than a puddle in the sunlight.

Here are the big reasons to consider jumping ship from sinking hull of college in America.
1) Higher education is important. College is optional.
2) College is incredibly expensive and becoming more so.
3) College degree holders earn more money over their lifetime...if they’re engineers.
4) College is a bubble.
5) A hardcore academic experience is increasingly difficult to find.
6) You can find great mentorship without college.
7) Few colleges offer lessons in entrepreneurship.
8) The internet offers a huge (and ever-increasing) number of free, college-level learning resources.
9) Social networking makes it easier to find friends without college.
10) There are excellent ways to document and certify your accomplishments in lieu of a college degree.
11) DIY is exciting and meaningful.

Read the explanations behind each reason in the original article here

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