Friday, April 8, 2011

Some Good Reasons Not to Go to School

Wondering if home education might be a good option for your students or your own children? These Top reasons to homeschool or unschool provide some ideas to consider.

  • Children sent to school are away from home more then they are at home.
  • Compassion and kindness are not taught in schools.
  • Schools harbor drugs, violence, rape, sexism, racism, hate crimes, homophobia, religious persecution, depression, anxiety, and many more serious issues.
  • Learning does not occur in schools.
  • Many important subjects are not taught in schools.
  • In many public and private schools, art and creativity is not taught as an equal to academics, or as a means by which subjects can be taught to students.
  • Spirituality in general is not emphasized and if it is, it is generally a mainstream religion.
If you want to find out more about each, visit the original post from the Stavvick Family blog here

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