Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flip your instruction for real learning

I just came across this video over at Justin Tarte's blog which features something many of us (like Alan November, Will Richarson and me to the NY Times) have been talking about lately which is flipping instruction.  I mean when you think about it does it make any sense that school is generally a place where people come together to sit and listen to the person at the front of the room?  It generally doesn't make the most sense to get a group of people together to sit and stare.  What if instead, educators spent class time doing and homework time for the watching of lessons/lectures.  The other benefit of this is that these can be viewed and reviewed anytime/anywhere.  The result is a lively bustling classroom where students can spend their time learning, talking, doing.

Another bonus is that educators can stop fighting and start embracing the technology that students use because there's no competition for attention.  Technology becomes a learning tool and the teacher becomes the learning supporter.

Take a look at what this looks like from a teacher doing this work.

Futher reading:  How the Flipped Classroom has Transformed Learning

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