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Cure ADHD without Drugs with These Resources from Doctors, Educators, and Parents

Do you think these children need ADHD Meds?
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I’ve written several posts about the non prescription cure to ADHD which in short involves “Fixing Boring Schools, Rather than Kids Who Are Bored.”  If you look at the comments in the posts you will find many agree, but others are from upset adults who share that they or their child have ADHD and the drugs have helped or that THE CONDITION IS REAL and they question how someone like me without a medical degree could state otherwise.  They also are insistent that it really helps their children focus in the classroom.  Interestingly, many of these children do not need meds on weekends and summer.  

I do not dispute the fact that these meds help their students conform to a traditional school setting that put an emphasis on shutting up and paying attention while their teachers lecture about things in which they are uninterested.  What I dispute is that many people were not made to sit in seats all day taking classes they never signed up for about subjects they have no interest in.  I’ve written how spending my days like this was torturous for me, and I also shared how Google’s recent multi-millionaire Aaron Iba felt the same way which I wrote about here. I’ve also spoken to many other children and adults who share that they were bored in school.  In fact recently at a education conference, the keynote speaker said to an audience of educators, please share one word that describes your high school experience.  Together, in unison, as if well-rehearsed, the audience said, “BORED!” Is it any wonder, some of our more active, social, children, who desire stimulation, do better if provided drugs when subjected to conditions that don’t allow them to thrive?  

Still, I’m only an educator. It was only my personal experience.  And, heck, I’m only an observer.  What do I know?  Those who disagree with me may think, “Not much.” As a result, I’ve put together a collection of materials from doctors, educators, and parents (who have no connection to the pharma companies) that believe ADD/ADHD is a myth, a sham, a fraud.  If you are a parent or educator who has children being drugged,  I ask if you’ve considered the plethora of alternatives to drugging children to enable them to conform to the industrial model of schooling.  I also ask if you’ve reviewed the evidence that  suggests these drug-addicted children will suffer serious negative consequences as a result of your choices for them. Providing pills for children to pop should not be taking lightly.  For parents, educators, and children grappling with this decision, I offer this collection of resources I’ve gathered as recommended reading. 

Resources to consider by those administering/contemplating ADHD meds for children

  1. Does ADHD Even Exist? The Ritalin Sham by John Breeding, Ph.D. - Featuring lies your doctors told you.
  2. ADHD: The Emperor's New Clothes: Why I Believe Attention Deficit Disorder is a Myth, by Thomas Armstrong, PhD
  3. The ADHD Fraud - How Psychiatry Makes “Patients” Out of Normal Children by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD - Explains how the entire country, including all 5-7 million with the ADHD diagnosis today, have been deceived and victimized; deprived of their informed consent rights and drugged--for profit!
  4. Powerful proponent of psychiatric drugs for children primed for a fall - Explains how big Pharma money is a powerful force funding medical research and point of view over competing models.
  5. The ADHD Report - A stay-at-home father who has observed hundreds of children at close range on a regular basis’s puts together this report after spending six months pouring through research, data, resources, and studies on the topic.  All of which he compiles for readers.  His summary: ADHD is a delusion.  
  6. Psychiatric Drug Facts - Peter R. Breggin, MD, has been called "the conscience of psychiatry" for his efforts to reform the mental health field, including his promotion of caring psychotherapeutic approaches and his opposition to the escalating overuse of psychiatric medications, the oppressive diagnosing and drugging of children, and false biological theories. Read: “Psychiatric Drugs and Your Child.”
  7. ADHD: Rid-a-Him, by Chris Mercogliano, Introduction, taken from a forthcoming book on ADHD. You may read the first four chapters from this book by ordering volume IV of Challenging the Giant from our bookstore.
  8. ADHD: Teaching the Restless, One School's Remarkable No-Ritalin Approach to Helping Children Learn and Succeed, by Chris Mercogliano
  9. Dr. Bunni Tobias' website, devoted to her research and counseling for children diagnosed as ADHD
  10. ADHD medication page - an actual advertisement, two full pages in length, in a well-known children's magazine which offers virtually nothing but warnings, counter-indications and possible side effects.
  11. The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses, by John Breeding, Ph.D.
  12. Wildest Colts review by Chris Mercogliano, from SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education.
  13. Relentless and Tragic Marketing: Psychiatric Drugs from Before the Cradle to the Grave by John Breeding, PhD and Amy Philo
  14. The Psych Report - Provides information about patterns of abuse by pharmaceutical companies, psychiatrists,  and governments in the name of identifying and healing the mentally ill. 
  15. Instead of Medicating and Punishing by Laurie A. Couture, 2008 | parenting and homeschooling coach
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These are just a few of the many resources available from passionate professionals, parents, and educators who care about the effects psychiatric drugs have on our children such as anesthetizing of youth, compliance-driven instruction, interference with normal brain development, heart-related problems, exacerbation of psychiatric problems, potential for addiction or abuse.  This is my attempt to scratch the surface on this topic in hopes of exposing adults to options that drug companies spend big bucks to keep in the shadows.  You can read other articles I’ve written addressing this subject here.  

Read Special Education teacher Mr. Glassner's blog response to this post over at his blog at Medicine and ADHD

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