Tuesday, February 1, 2011

5 Ways to Shift How We Look at Public Education

Over at ASCD Edge, in his post,  "Thrive and Drive," Walter McKenzie asks, "What if the biggest change that has to take place in education is a cultural shift? What if we shifted how we look at and think about public education?"  He suggests the following:

  1. Schools tightly aligned with all other community agencies to support all the needs of our children in concert. 
  2. Communities valuing education as the engine for their economic future.
  3. Teachers no longer acting like civil service employees working to a contract.
  4. Unions no longer pretending that one teacher is just as good as another.
  5. A respect for education and the service it provides to a free and open society and a competitive global economy, both by educators and the American public.
I'd add in something about not just preparing students for college and/or careers but also as citizens. You can check out his whole post here.

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