Friday, January 21, 2011

Sir Ken Robinson Sets Us Straight On What Is Wrong with Education

This Doodlecture (another of my portmanteau's) by one of my favorite writers and thinkers, Sir Ken Robinson - hits on everything we know is wrong with education. In this video, a master doodler does an incredible job of putting a picture to Robinson's words...almost like a live Prezi - AMAZING!

In the video you'll see and hear some of my favorite concepts by Robinson like:

  • The problem with production line teaching
  • How nonsensical it is that we group students by date of manufacture
  • The misconception that Academic = Smart and Non Academic = Not Smart
  • Schools are designed to squash creativity and divergent thinking
  • Outside schools cheating is called collaboration
and my favorite...
The ADHD myth (at 3:45) which he notes has grown with the increase in standardized testing. . ." For more on the ADHD myth, check out the links below the video.

Here is a collection of resources I gathered in a new post Cure ADHD without Drugs with These Resources from Doctors, Educators, and Parents.

Here's a round up of articles on the ADHD Myth from the "Say No to Psychiatry and Drugging Children" site.
Ritalin: The Drug Time Bomb In Our Schools - educational pamphlet.
The Myth of Attention Deficit Disorder by Dr. Mark Barber
The ADHD Industry by Dr. Mary Ann Block
It's All About Drugs by Dr. Mary Ann Block
America's New Learning Disease by Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D.
A.D.D.: Now You See It, Now You Don't by Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D.
Why A.D.D. Is A Simplistic Answer To The Problems of a Complex World by Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D.
Suppressing The Passion Of Children by Peter Breggin, M.D.
Abandoning The Children by Peter Breggin, M.D.
Saving Your Child From The Label (ADD, or ADHD) by Katherine Taylor Wanamaker (Advice for parents to battle the school system trying to label and drug your child)

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