Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Learning Innovatively without School

As I explore ideas for learning innovatively I’ve become increasingly interested in the concept of unschooling. In short the idea that to live is to learn and learning is driven by interest. In long visit the unschooled website, Unschooling for Social Change (Freechild Project), Unschooled 101 from Idzie Desmarais’s blog or read the Unschooled blog of Kate Fridkis who contributes here. So what does one grow up to be if they do not attend school? Well, from what I’ve discovered so far they’re people who are pretty darn smart, interesting, passionate, adventurous, and trailblazing. 

If you’re interested in learning more, you can find out thanks to Idzie an unschooler who blogs at I'm Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write where she shares the following list of blogs by teenage and grown unschoolers. Check them out below and learn more about unschooling from each of these blogs or over at her blog.

  • Eli Gerzon's Worldschooler Blog Eli is a grown unschooler from Boston who blogs about unschooling, worldschooling, and travel, as well as leading Worldschool Travel Tours.
  • Follow That Dream is a blog by Bonnie, a grown unschooler from Florida who blogs about a variety of subjects, including unschooling.
  • Not An Ordinary Teen is a blog by Stella, an unschooling teen from the US, who blogs about her life in general, which includes much about dance!
  • Penmanship of an Unschooled, Teenage Writer is a blog by Rochelle, an unschooler from the US, who blogs about her life adventures.
  • The Organic Sister is a blog on natural living and unschooling by Tara, a grown unschooler who's now unschooling her own son!
  • Tales of the Green Eyed Girl is a blog by Olivia, a young unschooling teen who blogs about her life, including much about her passion for music. She also shares a movie blog called The Highest Life Form with her younger brother, Adam.
  • GrumbleKnits is a blog by unschooling teen Madeleine (from Canada! W00t w00t! ;-)), about knitting (I don't really know much about knitting, but I must say that many of the projects on her blog look both lovely and difficult)!
  • Unconventionally Fabulous is a blog by Bethany, a grown unschooler and raw foodie who's interested in art, unconventional living, and all kinds of other cool stuff.
  • Life Without College is a blog by Jessica, a grown unschooler who writes a lot about living life without college, unschooling, and similar interesting things.
  • Brighter Than a Buoy is a blog by grown unschooler and terrific songwriter Carsie Blanton.
  • Camas Dreams is a blog by Cheyenne about "unschooling indigenous girl life". It's a new blog, and I look forward to reading more!
  • The Unschooling Story is a blog by Chase, a grown unschooler who's busy raising a second generation of unschoolers.
  • Schwerpunkt International is a blog by Peter, a grown unschooler originally from the Boston area, who writes a lot about politics, among other things.
  • Un-Schooled is a blog by Kate all about unschooling/homeschooling, and education in general, from the perspective of a grown unschooler. Good stuff.
A list of blogs from the Relaxed HomeSkool Blog

Additional Blogs I've Discovered from Unschoolers
  • Demand Euphoria is from an unschooling mom unhappy with the current state of education who shares why that is and how she achieves a mission to provide a life for her family is not just one where there is happiness, but instead is one where she not only expects, but Demands Euphoria.  
  • Radio Free School is a self described, "Tantrum space for people who eschew factory learning in favour of unschooling, open source learning, community based, learning without school. Open season on all things we might bump up against. This blog was started by un-schoolers at radio free school, a weekly radio show by, for, and about, home based learners.” Listen to the radio interview from The Innovative Educator contributor Kate Fridkis here.
  • The Sparkling Martinis comes fromDayna Martin, mama to four children who have never been to school. She is a wife, author, inspirational speaker, and aspiring world traveler. She shares some of their daily adventures, and unique thoughts and ideas.
  • How I Learn Stuff is written by James Marcus Bach who found success in a highly technical field without the benefit or burden o conventional education. Bach says, "I have almost none of what my teachers used to call 'self-discipline.' Instead of discipline, I am driven by passion. Now that I'm in my forties, I want to share what I've learned about learning.
  • Blogs of more than 70 Christian Unschoolers and counting.
  • The Mahogany Way: This is Darcel Harmon’s blog. She is a wife and Stay at Home Mama to three children. She and her husband are a Christian Attachment Parenting Unschooling family. You can visit her companion network at http://themahoganyway.ning.com.
  • An Unschooling Life was created in 2005 as a way of chronicling our unschooling journey of a multiracial family of five consisting of parents - Joanne and Billy, three children, two dogs and an iguana. Its purpose is also give encouragement and advice to those who want to start on this path.
  • Umm Ahmad has a collection of blogs sharing, "We are Muslim family, originally from pakistan, currently living in johannesburg, South Africa and though I call what we do as homeschool, it is in essence what you call unschooling. We dont do formal lessons, no spelling checklists, but my kids know more spellings than their school going peers anyway. We learn what we are passionate about, (which is a diverse list, since my kids are still 6 and 9, from pizzas to car tracking devices) we adore technology and are always ready to try new things. You can visit my blog at http://homeschool4muslims.blogspot.com where I share the resources we are using, (its not a journal of our activities), my kids' blogs at http://ibnemuhammad.blogspot.com and http://bintemuhammad.blogspot.com, and our collaborative writing project at alatfaalexpress.posterous.com
  • Adversarian - The blog for autodidacts, unschoolers, life-learners, and open-minded educators. The author is a self-proclaimed autodidactic defined by wikipedia as a mostly self-taught person, as opposed to learning in a school setting or from a full-time tutor or mentor.
  • Unschooling Rules - This thought-provoking blog is from Clark Aldrich, author of "Unschooling Rules - 55 Ways to Unlearn What We Know about Schools and Rediscover Education." His blog's tag line is, "The problem is not that schools don't work. The problem is that most people still think they want schools to work."
  • The Unplugged Mom - This blog pulls together respected voices in the field of home education to share ideas, articles, podcasts, and posts all in one spot.
  • Laurie A. Couture - Blogs about unschooling, attachment parenting, social justice, and the planet. Author of Instead of Medicating and Punishing.

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