Sunday, August 22, 2010

Video Rebuttal to Educational Leaders and Parents On The Social Media Ban Wagon

As students move full speed ahead into the 21st century there are still some detours on the path to the future. Take the principal recently featured on Good Morning America who is encouraging parents to support his directive to ban students from using social media. Even though he recognizes that most students act responsibly online, he allows the bottom 2% of teens who act irresponsibly to dictate the course of action for the rest.

A 16-year-old student who goes to school in the community feels differently. In response to the video, he felt he had to comment and shared this advice.

Parents- just talk to your kids! Family bonds are important, always. If your kids will turn to you when they have trouble with things like cyberbullying and other related activity's, you can help them overcome it. Blood runs thick, keep it that way. Family members support one another, so support your kid. Parents are role models, so don’t keep them away from technology that’s here to stay, learn about it and let them use it positively.

Smart kid. If adults stopped and listened to student voices they would likely be better served. As I watched the video there were so many thoughts bouncing around in my mind, so I thought I’d try something different and create a video rebuttal in captions which turned out to be a nice way to make the proverbial yelling at the screen a shared experience balanced out with words of advice from a principal who thinks outside the ban.

Here it is.

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Video – Response to principal who bans social media

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