Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 Reasons Cell Phones Should Be Allowed In Schools

I came across this gem shared in a post last year from Vicki Davis which I thought readers of this blog would appreciate. She shares 10 reasons cell phones should be allowed in schools. Visit Making the Case for Cell Phones in Schools for a description and details around each of the reasons below. Here is a recap of the list.

Ten reasons to get off the cell phone ban wagon

  1. Cell Phones Can Save Us Money
  2. Cell Phones Can Help Students Be More Organized
  3. It Makes Kids More Safe
  4. It Allows Sensitive Issues to be Kept Private
  5. It Alleviates Strain on the Network.
  6. It Alleviates Strain in the IT Department
  7. It Speeds Up Information Retrieval
  8. It Allows Us to Teach Kids Digital Responsibility and Citizenship
  9. It Sets a Model for Effective Change and Innovation
  10. You're fighting a losing battle.
Davis also provides ideas for dealing with the use of cell phones in schools which she explains simply, “Just like we "deal" with scissors.” Read the complete post here for just how to do that.

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