Friday, May 28, 2010

Innovate Learning with Students as Teachers

Having students partner with, or teach teachers how innovative tools can enrich learning can prove to be an effective strategy in teacher professional development. Who better to support this learning than the students using the technology in their classrooms? Not only is this model meaningful and relevant to teachers, but it also provides students with an authentic audience to share their learning and ideas, and empowers them to become leaders in their schools.

In these two videos (followed by their respective PowerPoints) we'll see students from the United Network of Student Leaders in New York City present ideas for teachers using Smart Pens, Google, Moodle, and iTouches. You'll also see me Tweeting in the background about these fantastic students.

Kwame Ocran Presents Google, Moodle + iTouch from Ted 21C on Vimeo.

Shamim Ahmed Presents Livescribe Pens from Ted 21C on Vimeo.

If you're not incorporating students into your teacher professional development, the only question to ask yourself is why not and when do you plan to change this?

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