Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aren't Schools Supposed to Help Students Change the World?

Last week I taught a class to teachers who, like many of those I work with, accept that not only students are banned at school from using powerful online tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc., but that they, the teachers, are also not allowed to harness the power of these tools.

What message are we sending to teachers and the students who we are teaching when we tell them, not only will we not teach you to use these powerful tools that are critical for success in the 21st century, but we will not let you use them as part of your educational experience?

Teachers do need to stand up and speak up, but if they don't, fortunately there's student's like the 18 year old New Jersey Student Who Uses Facebook to Organize Massive High School Walkout to protest recent education cuts through a call to action on Facebook.

While I applaud this student for leading the way, it's a shame that schools have to get out of her way as she does so.

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