Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School Questions for Innovative Families to Ask Their Children

Over at the Technology Teacher blog Mrs. V shares how she took Will Richardson’s blog post about his children starting at a new school a step further. Will (one of my favorite bloggers!) shares that he has high hopes for an authentic education for his childmeaningful POSTERren at their new school stating that he wanted to be sure to ask his kids more interesting questions than the usual “How was school today?” or “What did you do at school today?”Learn about world POSTER

After reading his suggestions, Mrs. V did what Technology Teachers do. She took his idea and added a little innovation by turning the questions into posters.

Every innovative educator should be sharing questions like these with their student's families and these posters really bring the questions to life.

Working with POSTERHere are some more ideas for questions from Will:
-->What did you teach others?
-->What unanswered questions are you struggling with?
-->How did you change the world in some small (or big) way?
-->What’s something your teachers learned today?
-->What did you share with the world?

I recommend schools come up with their own additional questions and consider making posters with students. Perhaps this is even some sort of contest. These can be shared on the parent/family page of their website or wiki and be printed out and used as reminders for family talk. I am sure innovative parents and other family members could think of some great ways to capture student answers using a traditional journal, or perhaps a blog, or video collection of answers or maybe even status updates on Facebook or Twitter with a special tag for this topic.

What are your questions? What are your ideas around using these questions?

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