Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Innovative Educator Begins New Role as Technology Innovation Manager

This is my first post written in my new role of Technology Innovation Manager at the New York City Department of Education. In this position I am responsible for overseeing the work of educators using innovative technology to enhance teaching, learning, and leading in Manhattan. I will have a team of Technology Integration Specialists who will work directly with educators to integrate technology into instruction to improve student outcomes. I will also oversee the management for the evaluation of the efficacy of instructional technology programs and will help to implement promising practices in Manhattan that if successful will be put into practice across NYC and beyond.

Specifically I will be working to improve students’ academic performance in the core subject areas of English language arts, mathematics, science and technology literacy through effective use of technology in the process of teaching and learning in these three categories:

  1. Leadership and System Change through Technology Innovation;
    1. Educational Leadership in Technology Infusion
    2. System Change of Teaching and Learning through Technology
    3. Innovative Approach to Technology Literacy and 21st Century Skills Acquisition and Assessment
  1. Technology Infusion into Instruction through Professional Development;
    1. Embedded and Personalized Professional Development on Technology Infusion
    2. Pairing and Mentoring Professional Development on Technology Infusion Expanding Professional
    3. Development Opportunities through Online Technology
  1. Data-driven Differentiated Instruction and Learning;
    1. Data-driven Personalized Instruction
    2. Formative Assessment and Adaptive Learning
    3. Performance-based and Innovative Assessment

In addition to the opportunity to bring new and innovative ideas to the NYC DOE, what also excites me is the new structure in which this work will occur. In New York City each school is aligned with one of eleven school support organizations (SSOs). Our work will be developed and implemented in direct partnership with these SSOs based on the needs of their schools in direct alignment with priorities of the Chancellor. This means the work we are doing will be on the radar and directly supported by the city’s Chancellor-a great way to ensure success of this exciting work.

This position will enable me to be involved in many exciting and innovative projects with a true opportunity to systemically transform education in positive ways. I look forward to sharing the possibilities, transformations, and realizations here on The Innovative Educator.

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