Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Response to the Daily News on Kids Playing Hooky to Watch the Inauguration

The Daily News wrote a piece today titled Many likely will skip school in favor of President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration to which I replied with what follows. I would be interested to hear your thoughts, here or there…

InnovativeEdu Jan 13, 2009 9:44:39 AM

I recommend parents don’t have kids play hooky. Schools should be places where kids not only learn in the classroom but also connect to the real world. I encourage parents to work with their schools to make this an educational, real-world experience for their children. I know many schools across New York City are not only planning exciting ways to watch the Presidential Inauguration, but they are also developing engaging lessons ideas to do so. I have captured some of these ideas on my blog at
Help Students Pay Attention to the 2009 Inauguration with Engaging Lesson Ideas. I encourage parents to connect and partner with their children’s teachers and/or administrators to see what type of activities they have planned and to suggest some ideas that they may have yet to realize.

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