Thursday, May 8, 2008

Attention is influence and the importance of educators having a voice

I’ve learned so much from my personal learning network and in particular my colleague The Techomnivore who was recently asked to contribute to Technology and Learning’s DIGITAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS blog where he writes about using gaming to enhance teaching and learning. He is a terrific writer with a lot to share and very smart guy who I continually learn from in person and from subscribing to his blog Tales of a Techomnivore. When he got this gig, I just had to ask, “So, do you get paid for your weekly blog column in Technology and Learning?” He said he did not. So I pried further and said, “What is your motivation to do it then?” He said he was recently somewhere and heard someone say, “attention is influence. “ This is important to him because he has a passion for discovering ways technology can enrich our lives and an even higher goal of giving every child the opportunity to succeed. He shares these ideas around the world through his work, at his DIGITAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS blog, his Tales of a Techomnivore blog, and through speaking at conferences. As a result there are educators, students, and parents benefiting from his fantastic ideas to establish an engaging and relevant curriculum.

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